November 2, 2012

Vivix Credit Solutions – Credit Counselors Offer Help for Finance 101 to Finance 911

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Today, people seek out the services of counselors to work through a multitude of issues. However, when it comes to money, many wait until they’re in serious economic distress before asking for help. If you wanted to learn something new or improve in some area, wouldn’t you seek out someone more knowledgeable to show you the way? Consider the counselors at Vivix Credit Solutions your new financial teachers.

So what can Vivix Credit Solutions counseling do for you? Well, what financial subject are you struggling in? The professionals at Vivix can educate you on an index of issues. Perhaps you just need some guidance to create a plan, budget, or payment structure. If you are struggling with debt, they can help you settle it by reducing your interest rates and removing late fees by negotiating with your creditors.

Now that you’ve reached out for help, the hard part is over. Your Vivix Credit Solutions counselor will analyze your bills and expenses and begin identifying where costs can be cut. From there, the counselor will work with creditors to reduce your interest rates and monthly payments.

Follow-through not for you? Oftentimes, credit counselors at Vivix will set up a repayment account, which serves as an effortless way for you to stick to the agreed upon plan. You pay into the account automatically through your checking account, and the creditors access the money on a set date and use it to keep your payment plans on track. This eliminates the chance you’ll forget to pay a bill on time or spend the money elsewhere. It’s an easy A! Moreover, without even thinking about it, you’re starting the process of rebuilding your credit by making those payments on time.

Part of customizing credit counseling to your needs means working with your schedule. Vivix Credit Solutions counselors can provide you with the level of assistance that best accommodates your lifestyle. Some people may need just a boost, while others may require assistance from start to finish. Regardless, Vivix counselors will coach you in person, via email, via video chat, or over the phone at your convenience.

So regardless of whether you come to Vivix because you’ve hit a rough patch or you have good credit and just want to learn how to manage your finances better in general, your credit counselor can assist you in making the right choices. All you have to do is ask!

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